RH Magazine interviews Rita Mourinha, director of Seresco in Portugal

RH Magazine interviews Rita Mourinha, director of Seresco in Portugal

RH Magazine, a Portuguese specialist publication in the field of Human Resources, interviews Rita Mourinha, who is Seresco’s manager for the Portuguese market. With a portfolio of thousands of clients, and more than five decades of business experience  while securing more than 600 jobs, the multinational Seresco offers solutions in the fields of payroll management and HR, while also maintaining a foothold in technological solutions for Infrastructures, Systems and ServicesDigital Transformation Services and Software Consulting and Development.

With over 400 certifications in the EFQM Model (European Foundation for Quality Management), Rita Mourinha puts Seresco  at the top of the list of human resource solution providers in Portugal, in keeping with its leading position on the market in the Iberian Peninsula.

- Seresco celebrated 52 years in the world and 16 years in Portugal, accompanied by rapid growth.  You already process more than 160,000 paychecks each month. What will be your upcoming challenges?

-We are living in the age of digitalization, digital transition and energy transition with automation, artificial intelligence and big data contributing to a new reality in businesses: roughly 40% of our current jobs will be automated within 10 to 15 years.

The need to 
retrain employees so that they can perform new duties and to recruit personnel with the potential for continuous learning is key. We believe that the digital transformation is one of the greatest challenges to which we have risen successfully.

A second challenge is ethics. There is an increasing expectation that companies implement and report on their ethical focus, in order to act responsibly when doing businessboth externally, toward the market, and internally, toward their own workers and in the practices of their organization.HR professionals should play a leading part as the ethics center of the organizations. And so this has been a moment of great responsibilities, but also of great opportunities.

- Seresco is set apart by its payroll management, but above all it is a technology company that is able to address the needs of its corporate clients, is that right?

Seresco’s main focus is on three aspects: operations, human resources and technological innovation. At the operational level, we are careful to ensure and promote compliance, and to offer a quality of service that fosters a close, trusting, reliable and respectful relationship with clients. In human resources, we strive to retain talent, to train and to retrain, and to foster a sense of commitment and belonging. As far as technological innovation, our commitment is to offer our clients corporate tools that enable them to remain at the cutting edge and, in order to accomplish this, we have in place a policy of technological alliances with companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAGE.

RH Magazine interviews Rita Mourinha, director of Seresco in Portugal

- You have national and multinational clients. What are the characteristics of each? And how do you respond to these demands?

Even though the national market still has some way to go, we perceive a growing trend toward outsourcing of services in the field of payroll management and human resources. Multinational companies are different in size, number of employees and also in their physical distribution. Some wind up being physically located in other countries, which makes management more complicated in these cases.

Nevertheless the goal always remains the same: to guarantee information security, to ensure compliance, which is critical for any company, as well as knowledge of the market and of labor regulations where the companies operate, which in turn ensures trust and availability of the team.