Cadastre Services

Performance of maintenance and updating tasks on Cadastre Databases throughout Spain.

Seresco has extensive experience carrying out maintenance and updating tasks on Cadastre Databases throughout Spain.

Seresco has vast experience and continues to conduct significant activity in the field of Cadastre Management, both for rural and urban property. In addition, Seresco is capable of conducting market studies, performing updating tasks on cadastre databases, research on ownership, classification of crops, description of agricultural buildings, processing of dossiers and providing many different kinds of technical assistance.

Seresco has developed its own applications for carrying out projects, which has enabled it to adapt over the course of the years to all changes in legislation in force. In addition, Seresco also creates new applications to take on new projects with guarantees of success.

These tools permit data exchange in the formats set out by the Directorate General of Cadastre: FIN06 for alphanumeric data, and FICC and FIXCC for graphic data.

Seresco conducts field work with new technologies, using Tablet PC to gather graphic and alphanumeric data. It performs, among others, the following tasks:

› Photographic capture of all real estate with buildings, identifying real estate in which omissions are detected.

› Ownership research.Verification of data, provision of documentation, collection of identifying data, research on plots and procurement of data from the Land Register.

› Classification of crops.Assignment of one crop to each portion of cadastre lot with the same use.


Seresco collaborates with the Cadastre Authorities in collective appraisal procedures, declaratory procedures, and all types of Dossiers, implementing graphic and alphanumeric corrections spotted in the database matching processes and in the process of verifying collective appraisals.

The technical assistance provided by Seresco includes:

› Incorporation of consolidations of plots.

› Updating and maintenance of urban and rural cadastre.

› Customer service during processes of value revision and in updates to the rural cadastre.

› Incorporation of rural and urban real estate into the Cadastre Regularization Procedure for the Cadastral Authorities of Asturias, Burgos, Cádiz, Cantabria, Huelva, La Rioja, León, Murcia, Tenerife.

› Coordination and standardization of fields regarding building types, categories, states of conservation, destination and antiquity in the cadastral database.

› Drafting of Representative Records.For the Directorate General of the Cadastre, Seresco has compiled the catalog of more than 2,000 Representative Records.

+ 1,500,000
urban plots

+ 4,600,000
urban units

+ 7,020,000
rural plots

+ 5,000,000
rural hectares

Processing of dossiers

Starting in 2007, Seresco began to resolve dossiers 902, 903 and 904; at first it did so with its own tools, delivering to the Cadastre Authorities the processed dossiers in the formats for exchange stipulated by the Directorate General of the Cadastre.

It also handles the processing of these dossiers at the facilities of each Authority in their applications, sending specialized staff to each Cadastre Authority.

At present Seresco also performs these tasks over the CITRIX platform, and directly from the applications SIGCA, SAUCE and SIGECA of the Directorate General of Cadastre.

Market Study

Seresco collects samples that serve to conduct economic studies of average market values.

In order to conduct the market value study, samples will be taken that consistently reflect real market values by researching the most recent transactions, real estate agencies, etc.

Each market sample is collected in an analytic record which reflects knowledge of land prices, prices for completed construction and the breakdown of the elements of which it is made up, of different uses (residential, commercial...). This includes the sale value of the finished product, making a distinction between the land value and the building value.

All samples are reflected on a plan, where their exact location is identified, displaying their coordinates, the date of data collection and the source of the information (advertisement, real estate agency, register, etc...).

Scanning of documents

Seresco possesses high-quality, state-of-the-art scanners that are quick and effective, equipped with automatic feed that enables you to scan documents of paper sizes up to A3, with a feeder with capacity for 200 pages.

Seresco has developed an application for scanning documents that simplifies the renaming of the scanned files. It detects the type of document that is to be scanned, and in accordance with the document selected changes are made in some parameters, such as the color, the resolution, etc., adapting them to the parameters requested by the Directorate General of Cadastre for each type of document.

Seresco has an A0 scanner for computerization of plans ranging in size from A4 to A0. When scanning the plans, the same nomenclature is followed as in the rest of the documentation, in consideration of the type of document.


Customer Service

Seresco possesses specialized customer service staff with more than 25 years of experience in value revision after notification of cadastral values, as well as in the Public Declarations in renewals and upkeep of the cadastre for rural land

When providing technical assistance, Seresco informs and advises the taxpayer on cadastre procedures, and on actions that they can take to incorporate or correct their cadastre data.


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