Cartography and Cadastre

A wide range of solutions for collecting and utilizing geographical information.

Seresco is one of Spain’s main cartographic companies, and it offers a wide range of solutions for collecting and utilizing geographical information.

Cartography and geo-information

Seresco’s Service for Cartography and geo-information produces and updates all sorts of geo-spatial information, whether for public works projects, land management, environmental studies, city planning, etc.

We are one of the major suppliers of geo-spatial information and solutions in Spain and Latin America, whether it be as a product or as a service. We have extensive experience in production of geo-information, cartography understood as: spatial databases, LiDAR, orthoimages, MDTs, city modeling, mobile mapping, remote sensing, GIS, etc. Since we use the latest production technology and a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, we can take on projects of all types and sizes.

Cadastre Services

In 1985 Seresco began to work in the field of cadastres, computerizing the alpha-numeric data from the cadastre of rural land for numerous Territorial Authorities in Spain. From this moment on and to the present day, it has provided complete services for the needs of the Territorial Authorities, while also providing services to the Directorate General of the Cadastre.

Seresco continues to conduct significant operations throughout Spain in the cadastre field, carrying out renewals of the Cadastre for Rural Land in numerous municipalities for different Territorial Authorities in Spain, with projects of revision and updating of the Cadastre for Urban Land also currently underway, as well as management services (processing of dossiers 901, 903, 902, 905, appeals...), customer service work, market studies, supply of personnel and all types of tasks necessary for providing a wide range of technical assistance, incorporation of rural and urban real estate into the Procedure for Regularization of the Cadastre, projects of Coordination and Standardization of Alphanumeric Databases, and creation of Representative Records.


Production of cartography, orthophotography and digital models, geodesy and topography, urban and rural cadastre.