Agriculture and Livestock Farming Software

Development of software related with the Rural Environment and Livestock Control

Seresco has extensive experience in development, maintenance and migration of applications and computer systems that manage aids related with the Rural Environment and Livestock Control, both for movement of animals and for sanitation campaigns. Using different operating environments, Seresco develops customized applications for users with the clear goal of maximum reduction in complexity of the solutions. Seresco provides an operational knowledge of value in this sector.

Software de agricultura


Web application that permits collection of applications for different aids for the campaign:

› Livestock premiums

› Areas.

› Single payment (application for aid and application for reservation rights).

› Compensatory indemnifications.

› Sustainable operation contract.

You can apply for these through Collaborating Entities (Banks), who are the main users of this application.It is a web application that has as its input the data from the application from the previous campaign (pre-applications) and that returns the application to the system, from which it is incorporated in the aid processing apps.


External Link Paying Agency (Enlace Externo Organismo Pagador), web application that enables managers who make payments with EARFD financing to be able to carry out the procedures stipulated by the Paying Agency for the different transactions: requests for funds, Q34 files, MIC files, improper payments.



This application provides all features needed to control and track livestock farming elements of the Autonomous Community, including these important features:

› Integration with the databases at the state level.

› Synchronization with the databases of the Ministry so as to have in place a register at the state level.

This system inputs data into a database at the national level that includes all livestock holdings (REGAJ, all animals with their characteristics (date of birth, breed, sex...)) (RIIA), the current location of these animals, and tracking of the places where they have been (REMO) and who was in charge of transporting them (SIRENTRA).

These are all standards published by the Ministry that are mandatory for all Autonomous Communities.

› REGA, Register of Livestock Holdings.

› RIIA, Register of Individual Identification of cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

› REMO, Register of movements of animals between livestock holdings, to fairs, to slaughterhouses, etc.

› SIRENTRA, Register of animal transporters.


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