Development, maintenance and modernization of software applications

Seresco has extensive experience in the development, maintenance and modernization of software applications to enable organizations to tackle their technical challenges by defining, designing and constructing quality software tailored to your needs.

Software development

Using different functional environments, Seresco develops customized software applications for users with the clear goal of maximum reduction in complexity of the solutions.

Seresco provides a working knowledge of value in the sectors of industry where it operates: banking, insurance, agriculture, environment, etc.

The expertise accumulated by its professionals in these environments enables Seresco to tackle with guarantees almost any type of software development project, and it is especially highly qualified in J2EE and .NET environments.

The development processes are based on market standards (CMMI) and make use of different methods, which, together with 50 years’ experience in software development, help mitigate risks and obtain benefits as far as time-to-market and cost.

Seresco provides coverage for the complete life cycle of its applications.

The quality of the final product is guaranteed both by the management method itself and also by the CMMI level 3 certification granted by the SEI.


Software maintenance

Software application maintenance is a necessary activity in any organization. The applications are living things, and maintenance is indispensable for guaranteeing their correct operation, reducing the risk of inconsistencies, as well as data accumulation, performance, etc.

Maintenance is indispensable in the life cycle of any application because there are things that we cannot predict, because the requirement gathering and analysis processes do not cover one hundred percent of operations, and because it is necessary to carry out technological updates and set up interfaces, and add new features to improve the application’s performance and usability.

At Seresco we offer different maintenance services:

› Corrective, to correct errors in the application.

› Evolutionary, to adapt to growth and change in users.

› Adaptive, for changes in the system environment, such as changes in hardware configuration, base software, database managers, communications, etc.

Software modernization

Seresco provides a comprehensive applications strategy so that software investments serve as integrated, flexible and agile infrastructures that support the company’s demands.

Migration and integration of applications, standardization of infrastructures, reuse, modernization and optimization of applications. In short, optimizing the added value of the current systems to align IT with the business model and bolster its competitive advantage.

Optimizing the added value to align IT with your company’s business model.

Software factory

Software Factory with the fee-for-service method by setting up SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to guarantee the quality of the work, both in cost, in scope and deadline.


› J2EE and .NET developments.

› Development in HOST environment.

› Creation of own software.

› BI solutions in Oracle and SAP (Business Objects) platforms.

› GIS solutions on ESRI platform and free software (Google and others).

Testing factory

The rapid evolution of the software applications, as well as the quality standards, makes creation of new applications or versions a complex and critical activity. Running tests adequately requires an appropriate infrastructure and a sufficient amount of trained staff, which is often not economically feasible for companies whose main business is not software development.

Our Testing Factory service provides an efficient alternative for organizations that do not want to have an in-house testing area.

In this area, the services provided are:

› Performance and code inspection.

› Validation and verification of documents.

› Security, usability and accessibility.

› Auditing of tests.

› Analysis of coverage.


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